“….Endnotes is primarily oriented towards conceptualising the conditions of possibility of a communist overcoming of the capitalist mode of production—and of the multiple structures of domination which pattern societies characterised by that mode of production—starting from present conditions. As such it has been concerned with debates in “communist theory”, and particularly the problematic of “communisation” which emerged from the post-68 French ultra-left; the question of gender and its abolition; the analysis of contemporary struggles, movements and political economy; the dynamics of surplus population and its effects on capital and class; capitalist formations of “race”; value-form theory and systematic dialectics; the revolutionary failures and impasses of the 20th Century…..”



“…This website, Ultra, is run by a small and growing association of antagonists, young, angry and disciplined. Unsatisfied with dry cynicism and desperate acting-out, we are sharpening our anger through a rigorous rethinking of what we are, where we are, and what might lie ahead. Our goal is to prepare for the future even while interrogating the limits we have already confronted in the struggles following the most recent crisis. When we sum our efforts, what were we unable to overcome? And what questions do these limits raise for us the next time we find each other in the street?…”


“LIES is a journal spearheaded by a queer feminist collective based in multiple cities: Oakland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, London. LIES is a platform for certain conversations and critiques that are difficult, impossible or dangerous if cis men are in the room. We attack the legacy of racism and transphobia that has plagued feminist organizing, and strive to develop new autonomous feminist practices that take antagonism to white supremacy and transphobia as essential parts of feminist struggle. LIES came out of our experiences within these struggles. It seeks to embody and develop in print the practice of autonomy that we needed to save ourselves in the midst of movements squared on patriarchy and fueled by the subordination of everyone but white cis men. LIES is a communist journal against communists. We draw our purpose and support from feminist, queer, and trans circles, our friends and comrades to whom this journal is devoted.”



“…Chuǎng will publish a journal analyzing the ongoing development of capitalism in China, its historical roots, and the revolts of those crushed beneath it.  Chuǎng is also a blog chronicling these developments in shorter and more immediate form, and will publish translations, reports, and comments on Chinese news of interest to those who want to break beyond the bounds of the slaughterhouse called capitalism….”


Theory with illustration who’s material is available for download and is great for distributing more complex and complete ideas in an easily digestible format.


” is a resource for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives, their communities and their working conditions.”

Libcom’s library selection is a priceless and essential resource to developing one’s understanding of movements and the ideas that bore them.

Angry Workers of the World

Blog of Angry Workers World, an irregular workers’ paper in London. For communist class inquiry.

Unity and Struggle 

“…This site is intended to be a space for discussion for those around our project, those we work closely with, movement friends and neighbors, and those we hope to meet and engage in conversation and, hopefully, common action. The goal is to explore the history of our people and our contemporary world, sharpen our knowledge, further discussion of organizing and organizing traditions, and search for both the fault lines of conflict and contradiction, as well as the outlines of a new society–the future in the present…”


Antidote Zine 

A diverse and comprehensive online resource on contemporary struggles that is regularly updated new material. Everything from battles being waged over squatting to the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe are available.



“SubVersiones is a Spanish-language independent media outlet in Mexico. We position ourselves against capitalism, electoral politics, racism and patriarchy. We prefer to walk towards horizons of autonomy, freedom and dignity, as laid out by many peoples throughout this country and world.”


Dialectical Delinquents

A site that keeps update with the antagonistic of the class around the world, and publishes irreverent and thought provoking analysis on past and contemporary struggle.



“Mortar is the theoretical journal of Common Cause. It is a project of collective writing aimed at producing original contributions to anarchist theory and furthering our members’ political development”

Thoughts on the Autonomy of Struggle

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